Better Stay Healthy: Sleep and Homelessness

Poverty to Professional

I never fell asleep in class until I lost my home.

I felt awful because I was a very good student. Good students don’t fall asleep in class. It’s disrespectful to the teacher. But my brain had other plans. It was sixth period – after two o’clock – and I was in Physiology Honors. Even the twang of my instructor’s plucky Kentucky accent couldn’t keep me alert. Fortunately, my desk partner noticed me crashing before the teacher did.

“Are you feeling okay?”

No one had asked me that before. That’s also when it clicked how unusual this was for me. I wasn’t “on my game” and that shook me up. I answered something along, “I’m fine.”

Of course, if I were a fabled little boy made of wood my nose would’ve grown three feet and sprouted a bird’s nest at the end. It was spring semester, my family had been…

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